Im ELLioT, 23 year old aspiring Singer/Songwriter.
I love Jesus... Im easy to get along with, i love music, writing, film making, & producing. Im an entertainer, i was born to perform. Thats what im here for, soon the world will know that Too.

ThE FoLLoWiNg tHiNgs APpLy tO Me:

1. ChRisTIAN
2. SiNgEr
3. WiSDom HoARDer
4. PizZA & CoOkie DeVourER
6. CriME fIghTing WaRRiOr (only on Tuesdays)
7. SouTHeRn BoY
8. PaRt TiMe GEeK
9. PrOfeSSioNal RiSk TAker
10. FRiEnD
11. & LAsT BuT Not LeASt
Im a TaSte TESter Of The FeMALE SpeCies..... LOL

If you are feelin my blog follow me.
if you like what you've seen on my blog and want to get to know The Man Behind The Posts lol,
Just hit the ask button and ask away.
i try to be an open book (within reason lol)
So dont be afraid to get at me.